3% Discount Double Glazing Machine Insulating Glass Automatic Production Line

3% Discount Double Glazing Machine Insulating Glass Automatic Production Line

LBW2000PB Vertical Computerized Insulating Glass Exterior Assembly Flat Push Production Line

Use: LBW2000PB Vertical Computerized Insulating Glass Exterior Assembly Flat Press Manufacturing Line is a high-efficiency insulating glass processing gear. This line can not only create regular insulating glass but also for low-e insulating glass. It is a better mass production equipment to produce insulating glass with higher computerized degree, substantial performance, easiness of procedure and maintenance.
Construction and Purpose for Every single Part
  This creation line is composed of feed section, washing and drying part, transition and storage part, gentle inspection part and spacer bar location part, outside assembly area, within flat push part, and storage section.
This line is managed by PLC and realizes the automatic handle and frequency control of the motor speed of the complete line. It adopts advanced assembly technique and solves the troubles of uneven push and misplacement of the glass. The assembly area adopts restrict swap and cylinder tank whose vacation length can be altered, making the operation easy and the area specific and the movement trustworthy. 
  There are two procedure techniques in the control panel: ‘automatic’ and ‘manual’. If the individual operation of each section or routine maintenance is required, the ‘manual’ operation technique is essential.
The framework and perform of each segment are as following.
1) The whole machine’s procedure uses the gentleman-machine make contact with surface area (it has Chinese and English languages):
Operates immediate viewing and convenient, the working standing is dynamic demonstration, the frequency conversion velocity modulation the maximum speed may possibly amount to 45 meters/Minute.
twoLarge generation efficiency: The massive glass can go at the total pace, the tiny glass is achievable to stop in storage location, and continue to be at the storage location briefly, also the thoroughly clean glass may possibly enter repeatedly.
3Conserves strength interrupted kind automated procedure technique:
  Entire device uses the strength conservation interrupted type automatic procedure program, when glass motion to the photoelectric sensor of the stop of the input conveyor, the brush, the h2o pump, the air blower will be start off immediately, when the generation is interrupted, the brush, the drinking water pump, the air blower will routinely end, the area of the equipment which was occupied moves in total speed, other parts which do not perform are at the intelligence dormant condition, so it is energy saving.

Secotion1: Feed Section:
Low-E glass computerized prognosis systemThe back board is substantial density board with film
  It is the very first segment of the line and its main perform is to transmit the glass to the washing and drying section. The transmission is carried out by chains pushed by the motor and the transmission velocity is steady. It runs at the exact same pace of the washing and drying part and the speed can be changed by the inverter. It can avoid the again board bending and deformation, also can water-proof, keep away from acid-foundation.
four) Reduced-E glass automated analysis technique: it can simply know whether or not minimal-E glass putting is correct or not. When is improper, the alarm will raise the alarm, and worker can adjust it immediately. This technique prevents the membrane of coating glass (specifically the Minimal-E glass) from becoming destroyed, the glass input conveyor station is loaded with the coating glass automatic diagnosis method, totally assured the appropriate washing and covering of the coating glass.
Section2:Washing and Drying Area:

Washing element:This element has a few pairs of brushes (the content is higher -temperature nylon wire ) and a pair of sponge roller. The brushes are driven by 3 synchronous motors individually and the movement is steady. A few pairs of tubular rollers type of hair brushes, use High Temperature Resistant and soft character hair brush, completely confirmed the coating glass specially the Low-E glass layer stratification can’t be wrecked.
five.1 Install 6 motors. from 1 motor with a single pair brush to 1 motor one particular brush.it can final the use lifestyle of the washing and drying part.
5.2 It adopts custom-created and imported nylon, front is three pairs of comfortable brushes(Φ0.08mm), again is a few pairs of difficult brushes(φ0.10mm),it very last the brushes existence.
5.3 According to the glass thickness, routinely manage the spacing of the drag roller, it doesn’t need any other guide adjustment for the glass that have distinct thickness in the adjustable scope by bearings.
five.4 The washing and drying area adopts stepped frequency conversion governor, which make the glass run at the proper speed stably. 
five.five Four levels of cleans, guarantee the best clear effect. The clear segment makes use of the large high quality stainless metal completely the element, which might speak to with h2o, employs the stainless steel or the copper mother nature content.
six) Drying portion: the air enters into the air knife from the best. The length in between the air knife and the glass must be adjusted in accordance to the thickness of the glass in get to assure the drying result. Air passage adopts the most innovative style and enhance the drying velocity and efficiency.

  Stainless steel wind knife
six.1 There is a pair of rhombic air knife, the front air knife can change backward or CZPT according the glass thickness. The blower, which is equipped with heater, blows sturdy hot wind also it is geared up with infrared heater that can dry the the two sides of the glass quickly.
6.2 The dry part employs the high top quality stainless steel, all of them are anti-corrosive substance (like air knife, transfer gantry), the two air knives relative surfaces gradient can alter basis on the glass thickness in the structure, the initial wind knife automated control and modify the length to the glass floor, it can be utilised to thoroughly clean glass that of distinct thickness, completely constantly confirmed the distance amongst the gusty and the glass floor, the inside of the air knife can be cleaned.
6.3 Uses the two-phase higher pressure air blower, the wind electrical power is robust, the wind that enters into the air knife will be filtrated, so can certain the purity of the air, the fifty percent circulation scorching blast can guarantee the dry influence, the high effectiveness air blower can assure the glass can be entirely pure drying.
six.four The outlet of the wind device is geared up with a wind movement regulating valve. When the light-weight inspection stops operate, the wind outlet will near automatically, keeping away from the contamination caused to the glass since of lengthy time blowing. In the air blower and the blade provider installs air noise lessen and absorption materials, the movement sound is decrease than seventy five decibels.
Section3: Changeover and Storage Section:
 This section is utilised to transmit and shop the glass to boost the function performance
Section4. gentle inspection area and spacer bar spot area

  This segment is used to inspect the washing and drying high quality of the glass. The lights are put perpendicularly with the glass and the back again board is painted black. It is simple to verify the washing and drying effect. When the again conclude of the glass passes the photoelectric swap, the transmission pace will increase immediately.
When the glass is sensed by the photoelectric change in this part, the transmission velocity will sluggish down. The glass will little by little touch the aspect gauge bar and stops. It tends to make the location exact and avoids the crash of the glasses due to the fact of high velocity transmission. The position to place spacer bar is found routinely by location paws and the spacer bar need to be adhere onto the glass manually.
Section5.Outside the house Assembly Segment
7) These two wheels are managed by Airtac cylinder, and they can very easily push the glass tightly jointly.
The sensor can easily know the glass position and quit at proper spot when glass coming from the mild and aluminum bar set up section.

Section six.Within Flat Push Area

10) The linear information rail to make the total plate shift from front to again
10.1 In this segment, the back board is steel plate with spraying plastic. Plate board is high density board with movie, can be waterproofed, non-deformation, can bear defeat.
10.2 Adopts imported high top quality vacuum generator, it can hold force much more than .8Mpa, and also can automatically modify the sucker’s power, stay away from glass slipping down. (Inside of assembly purpose is optional.)
ten.3 This segment can be opened to examine and sustain. There are lifting up unit, keep away from misplacement of two or 3 glass, especially for large glass. There are straight line information rail, it can promise glass push parallel with large precision.
10.4 The air cushion is thoroughly clean with distinct filtering air cushion technique, can keep away from the next air pollution when glass pressing. The air cushion valve can be managed.

Section7. Changeover and Storage Area:
This part is used to transmit and keep the glass to enhance the operate efficiency

CZPT parameter

Energy Supply   380V/50HZ 35Kw
Dimension(LxWxH)   18800*2600*3050mm
Manufacturing quantity   600-700IG models/8hs
Max Glass Size   1800x2500mm
Min Glass Measurement 300x400mm
Washing Glass Thickness  3-15mm
Washing Glass Speed  -10m/min
Insulating Glass Thickness  ≤48mm
Transmission Glass Speed  45m/min
Compressed Air: .8m³/min
Air Stress: 1Mpa

Our Service
Installation: If the buyer requirements, the vendor will send out one particular or two technicians (1 is electrical engineer, a single is mechanical engineer) to install the equipment and aid practice the workers. 
Guarantee time: Usually 1 12 months. It is negotiable.

Organization Details

HangCZPT Weili Machine Co.,Ltd is in the services of construction glass and glass industries. It is mostly specialised in creating door-window of energy conservation insulated glass creation line of curtain wall, and glass deep-processing tools.

Primarily based on the working method:”Specialist, Meticulous, Substantial, Leading” ,our company has developed up to the leader of tools line. It can make work to create respected brand name identify by all glass industries.

Constantly producing innovations, Capturing higher technological innovation, prompting the whole level of industry, then to make Chinese experienced and high engineering insulating glass tools for global, and accepted by international end users. That is the Weili people working’s aim and obligation.

1.Question:Are you a manufacturer?
Indeed,we are the specialist insulating glass processing devices maker, which has 16 years history given that 2001.

2.Concern: How about the service ?
 1).eighteen several hours for soon after-sale serive
two).a lot more than 15 years knowledge in this kind machine field
3).fluent english ,communication barrier free of charge. Stage-to-stage support support you solve the issues well timed.

three.Query:What’s the ensure ?
one). Our guarantee for twelve months.
two). 18 hours’ technical support by e-mail, online video or contacting
3). English guide and online video tutorial
4). 24 hours on line support each working day, free specialist specialized assist.

4. Q: Do you give tools operation coaching?
A: Sure. We can will deliver 1 or two specialist specialists (a single is electrical engineer, one particular is mechanical engineer) to set up and adjust the equipment and aid prepare the employees.

five.Query: Why your value just isn’t the least expensive cost compared with others organization or factories ?
one) We are a innovative enterprises, not only a produce manufacturing unit. We have a a expert and experienced specialized elite staff. CZPTy 12 months we will apply for innovation patents for our insulating glass machine, likes auto fuel filiing equipment, vehicle loading device and and so on.
2)In comparison with the same stage brand, we have the same functions and components, but our price tag is the most competitive. At the very same time, our right after sales provider is satisfactory. We have a good reputation in our clients. 

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3% Discount Double Glazing Machine Insulating Glass Automatic Production Line