6020 6021 Pet Lamination Roll Milky White Polyester Film Insulating Mylar Electric

6020 6021 Pet Lamination Roll Milky White Polyester Film Insulating Mylar Electric

Swift Details
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)                                                           Model Variety:6571/6571 Polyester Film
Product name: Polyester film                                                                  Usage: for motor and transformer
Kind: Insulation Film                                                                                Material:       Polyester film particle    
Application: Large Temperature, Cable, motor and transformer and many others.        Melting stage: ≥256
Use: Insulation Defense,electrical cable and wire, For backing materials of Flexbile laminate and Motor& Transformer,slot insulation, interphase insulation and liner insulation
Relative dielectric continuous (50Hz): 2.nine~three.4                                            Processing Type: Numerous Extrusion
Tensile Power: ≥120Mpa                                                                      Width:325-3250mm or CZPT
Thickness: 12mic-500mic or CZPTers’ requirements                         Core Size:3″,6″ or CZPTers’ needs
Roll Main ID:76mm(three”) or 152mm(six” ), Main resources: Paper or plastic
Function: very good dielectrical and substantial mechanical qualities, Heat-Resistant
Fat of roll:       100kg-200kg or CZPT                                      Color: 6571 transparent, 6571milky white
Style: roll, tape, sheet, strips                                                                  Thermal class: E(120ºC)  
Guide time: 10-15 times for 1 container                                               Certification: ROHS and CZPT
OEM, ODM provider: Available                                                               Service: Die Cutting Slicing Slitting
Polyester Film Composite Board is composed of layers polyester movie which is coated with large temperature adhesive. It has good mechanical properties, electrical properties, shrinkage charge, h2o absorption and trustworthy warmth resistance. It is primarily utilised for the insulation in between the large and reduced voltage coils of the dry variety transformer, which can be employed as a substitute for the epoxy resin board and the phenolic resin board for the insulation tube and the finish insulation.
6571&6571 is a biaxial oriented polythylene terephthalate(PET)film through melting, casting and stretching. This solution has great dielectric and high mechanical properties. It is extensively employed for electrical insulation, this kind of as slot insulation, interphase insulation and liner insulation in electric motors, and producing insulating adaptable laminates.
Polyester Film for CZPTal Insulation
6571-Polyester Movie For CZPTal Insulation (Clear)
6571-Polyester Movie For CZPTal Insulation (Milky white)
6571/6571 Polyester movie is biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (PET) movie.
6571 is a transparent film. 6571 is a milky white film.
It is Class E insulating content.
This merchandise has very good dielectrical and large mechanical homes.
Thermal course: E(120ºC) 
Characteristics: flat, minimal shrinkage, superb insulation houses, UL accredited
Polyester Movie is made from Polyethylene terephthalate by casting & Biaxially oriented.
It is widely employed for the end wrap insulation, liner insulation of electrical oils, electromagnetic wire wrap insulation, cable wrapping on motor, transformer or other electrical appliances. It also be used for packaging, glass-steel, collar of outfits, and so forth.
It can be employed as an electrical insulation and as a laminate with other substrates.
In motor apps, selected kinds of polyester film can be utilised for ground insulation as slot liners and wedges, as nicely as period insulation. In wire and cable apps, it is excellent for mechanical obstacles.
In addition, specialized polyester movie can be utilised in transformer and higher-voltage distribution gear to wrap the conductors. They are effective for use in hermetic purposes with refrigerator and air conditioner motor / compressor assemblies.
  Roll or tapes White Mylar pet film,pet film tape, It is suitable for electrical insulation, this kind of as slot insulation, Interphase insulation and liner insulation in electrical motor, wrapping insulation for coils and cables, as well as producing insulating adaptable composite material.
Benefits of PET
one. It has good mechanical properties and folding tolerance 
two. It is resistant to oil, excess fat, dilute acid and alkali, most solvent.
3. It has excellent temperature tolerance. Lengthy-time period workable beneath 120°C ,
shortterm appliable beneath (150°Cor -70°C)marginally passion to its mechanical 
qualities underneath higher or lower temperature 
4. It has minimal gas and vapor permeability, and great resistance to fuel, h2o,
oil and odor.
five. It has large transparency and glossy, also can block ultraviolet ray.
six. It can be right utilized in food packing because it is non-poisonous, unscented with very good sanitary stability.
6571 Clear PET CZPTal Insulating Polyester Film Function:                   
Substantial transparency
Good brightness aluminum
Aluminum layer with excellent adhesion
Good merchandise procedure capacity
Excellent mechanical qualities
Large transparency 
CZPT colour
Higher impact
No crystal details or waves on floor
Excellent performance in folding
Secure good quality
High dimensional security
Easy coating house
Exceptional electrical insulation.
6571 Milky White mylar polyester film
6571 polyester film is biaxially oriented polyethelene terphthalate(PET)film
6571 is a mily white film
this solution has excellent dielectrical and substantial mechanical homes.
It is ideal for electrical insulation,this kind of as slot insulation,interphase insulation and liner insulation in electric motor transformer and other electric appliances ,wrapping insulation for coils and cables,as well as producing insulating versatile composit content.
• CZPTal flexible laminates CZPTal flexible laminates (DMD, MMM etc)
• Wire & cable Insulation, slot liner insulation, interlayer insulation in Motor, transformer and so forth.
• Adhesive tapes
•. Polyester label.
•. Polyester tubing.
•. Keyboard insulation
• TV/Keep track of insulation
Mylar polyester film for electrical motor insulation biaxially oriented polyethelene terephthalate (PET) film, which  is  a milky white film. It is Class E insulating content. This merchandise has great dielectrical and substantial mechanical homes. It is suitable for electrical insulation, such as slot insulation, interphase insulation and liner insulation in electrical motor, wrapping insulation for coils and cables, as well as generating insulating flexible composite substance.
This variety of film is used as an electrical insulation in motor programs, for ground insulation, as slot liner and wedges, section insulation. it is best for mechanical obstacles, as well as in transformer and high-voltage distribution gear insulation separator and in addition its hardness is a lot suitable for automatic coil winding equipment for fan industries and is also utilized in shirt collar bones for garments business.
6571 Characteristics
• Exceptional electrical insulation.
• Thermal steadiness at elevated temperatures
• insulate course:E
• item description:
•Dimensional stability
• Coefficient of friction
•Tensile break toughness
•Tensile yield strength
•Elongation at crack
•Chemical and electrical resistance
•High dielectric continuous
•Lower extractable material
•High electrical breakdown voltage
•High dimensional steadiness
•Easy coating house
Normal property
3 layer co-extrusion composition
High tensile power and lower warmth shrinkage in substantial doing work temperature
Large breakdown voltage and very good electrical insulation
Stable high quality
CZPT parameter

Properties Unit     NO. one# 2# 3# 4# 5# six# 7# eight# Check technique  
Thickness μm 36 50 seventy five one hundred one hundred twenty five 150 188 250 GB12802.2  
Tensile Energy MD Mpa 200 two hundred 182 185 a hundred seventy five 170 172 180 GB12802.two  
TD Mpa 210 198 198 190 186 206 185 two hundred GB12802.2  
Elongation at break MD % a hundred and fifteen one hundred twenty five 115 120 150 130 150 148 GB12802.2  
TD % a hundred and five 130 one hundred ten 102 110 one hundred one hundred ten 109 GB12802.2  
Shrinkage MD % one.3 one.four 1.3 1.three one.four 1.four one.5 one.eight GB12802.2  
(150ºC30min) TD % .8 .eight .9 .eight 1. 1. one. one.five GB12802.2  
Breakdown voltage V/μm 220 188 one hundred sixty five a hundred forty five 126 123 104 ninety two GB12802.two  
Volume resistivity Ω.m one.0×1014 1.0×1014 one.0×1014 1.0×1014 one.0×1014 1.0×1014 one.0×1014 one.0×1014 GB12802.2  
Ralative dielectric continual(48Hz-62Hz)   3. 3. 3. three. three. 3. three. 3. GB12802.two  
Dielectric loss tangent(48Hz-62Hz)   two.8×10-3 two.8×10-three 2.8×10-three two.8×10-3 2.8×10-three 2.8×10-three 2.8×10-3 2.8×10-3 GB12802.two  
Haze % 10. fourteen. 20. 25. 28. thirty. 35. 40. GB2410  
Mild Transmittance % sixty six sixty 52 39 35 31 29 26 GB2410  
Gloss(forty five)° % 98 90 84 eighty seventy six 76 seventy four 70 GB8807  
Density g/cm3 one.four 1.four 1.4 one.4 one.4 1.four 1.four 1.4 GB12802.two  
Flame retardancy   VTM-two VTM-two VTM-2 VTM-two VTM-2 VTM-2 VTM-two VTM-two ANSI/UL94





Houses Units Values
Tensile toughness(MD and TD) 25μm~100μm
mpa ≥150
Elongation at split (MD and TD) 25μm~50μm
% ≥60
Shrinkage (MD and TD) twenty five~190μm
% ≤3.
Quantity resistivity Ω·M ≥1.0×1014
Relative dielectric constant   (50Hz)   2.nine~3.4
Dielectric dissipation factor  (50Hz)   ≤5.0×10-three
Density kg/m3 6571 6571
1390±10 1400+10-20
Melting position ºC ≥256
Surface area resistivity Ω ≥1.0×10thirteen
Electrolytic corrosion Ocular estimate Course A1
Metallic conductivity tensile Toughness technique % ≤2
Dimensional steadiness
 in substantial temp.
With pressure ºC ≥200
With pressure ≥200

CZPT indicators (aluminum substrate physical, mechanical overall performance):

Performance Device Take a look at approach Focus on
Tensile toughness TD≥ MPa ASTM D-882 230
MD≥ MPa 230
Elongation at break MD≥ % ASTM D-882 120
TD≥ % a hundred and twenty
Modulus of elasticity MD≥ MPa ASTM D-882 4300
TD≥ MPa 4500
Warmth shrinkage rate  MD≤ % ASTM D-1204 two
150ºC,30min TD≤ % .five
Coefficient of friction Static≤   ASTM D-1894 .55
Dynamic≤   .forty five
Haze CZPT type≤ % ASTM D-1003 2
Highlight type≤ % 1.six
Glossiness CZPT type≥ % GB/T 8807 a hundred and twenty
Emphasize type≥ % one hundred thirty
Floor stress No treated≤ Dyne/cm ASTM D-2578 forty two
Treated≥ Dyne/cm 52

 Note: unique items can be CZPT according to consumer specific requirements.
Principal Specification

Homes Thickness Device Benefit
twelve~100 mm
≥100 mm
% ≤±5
Tensile toughness 12~≤100 mm
>100~188 mm
≥188 mm
MPa ≥150
Elongation at rupture twelve~23mm
25~<50 mm
≥50~350 mm
% ≥40
25~188 mm
≥188 mm
% ≤3.five
Breakdown power 12mm
25 mm
36 mm
fifty mm
75 mm
100 mm
one hundred twenty five mm
one hundred fifty mm
188 mm
250 mm
300 mm
V / mm ≥208
≥ 90
≥ 75
≥ 70
≥ 65
≥ sixty
≥ fifty five
≥ 50

 Note: Earlier mentioned values are the accumulative standard ones by regarded tests technique, but, in purchase to guarantee you to choose our merchandise effectively, please refer to earlier mentioned specification and take a look at the samples based on your employing goal or truly feel totally free to speak to us for more specifics.
Q1: How about MOQ?
MOQ is in accordance to diverse merchandise. No matter what you want, we are glad to quote ideal price tag with excellent top quality.
Q2: Can you send out samples for tests?
500g Samples are cost-free supplied, but convey freight must be taken by consumer. Right after generating buy, we might like to return freight back.
Q3: How can you promise the good quality of mass merchandise is exact same as the sample despatched to me before?
We held another identical sample and marked on organization when we despatched to buyer. So our generation will be based on.
Q4: Which deal do you use?
Bundle is important part to avoid products breaking in transportation. We will choose ideal packing depend on components.
Q5: When client reply good quality concerns after choose up goods, how to deal with?
1) CZPTer could supply images of issued items for our income workers and then we will verify which part is mistaken. 
2) If the problem is verified, company will negotiate with consumers and compensate in coming orders.
Q6:What are your principal goods?
A:For oil immersed transformers, like Diamond dotted paper/DDP, Crepe paper tube, pressboard and so on.
For dry kind transformers, like Course F DMD,NMN,AMA,NHN, and so on.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: each roll with protecting movie and carton, then with regular export pallets
Roll Core ID:76mm(3″) or 152mm(six” ), Core components: Paper or plastic
Shipping and delivery Depth:     10-fifteen times for a container
Port: ZheJiang , HangCZPT, HangCZPT 
Guide Time : Shipped in fifteen times following payment
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6020 6021 Pet Lamination Roll Milky White Polyester Film Insulating Mylar Electric