Automobile Engine Crankshaft Grinding Machine Price Crankshaft Grinder Machine

Automobile Engine Crankshaft Grinding Machine Price  Crankshaft Grinder Machine

Performence Attributes:

Four various operate speeds are obtainable by making use of a double-velocity motor and the belts in the headstock.
Union chucks are utilized in the headstock and tailstock for an adjustable eccentricity up to 120mm.
Friction coupling is utilised in the headstock transmission chain for its simple adjustment.
Table traverse is operated either by hand or by power.
Rolling guideways are utilized on wheelhead. And made by large high quality material, the wheel spindle being of 80mm in diameter has very good rigidity and power.
The wheel spindle getting of 80mm in diameter has very good rigidity and power.
CZPT coated mattress approaches with much less friction.
The mattress methods and wheelhead approaches are lubricated in automatic cycle by indicates of oil pump.
Added synchronizer for headstock and tailstock, i.e. the gears of headstock drive the tailstock to operate in synchronism through the connecting spindle, hence. Four diverse speeds are obtainable. The length of performs is ranged from 800mm to 2000mm.
The electronic screen device can be optional

CZPT parameter:

Principal Requirements MQ8260A MQ8260A MQ8260A
Max. Perform swing diameter X Max perform length 600x1600mm 600x1800mm 600x2000mm
Max. Swing over table 600mm 600mm 600mm
Work diameter ground with continual rest thirty-100mm thirty-100mm fifty-120mm
Throw of crankshaft 110mm 110mm 120mm
Max. perform size ground      
In three-jaw chuck 1400mm 1600mm 1800mm
Among facilities 1600mm 1800mm 2000mm
Max. function fat 120kg 120kg 150kg
Function head      
Middle height 300mm 300mm 300mm
Operate pace twenty five,45,95r/min 25,forty five,95r/min thirty,forty five,sixty five,100r/min
Wheel head      
Max. Cross motion 185mm 185mm 185mm
Wheel head rapid approach and withdrawal 100mm 100mm 100mm
Wheel feed per turnoff cross fed hand wheel 1mm 1mm 1mm
 Per grad. of cross feed hand wheel .005mm .005mm .005mm
Grinding wheel      
Wheel spindle velocity (2steps) 740.890r/min 740.890r/min 740.890r/min
Wheel peripheral pace 25.6-35m/sec twenty five.six-35m/sec 25.6-35m/sec
Wheel dimension (O.D. x width x Bore) 900x32x305mm 900x32x305mm 900x32x305mm
Desk traverse for each turn of hand wheel coarse five.88mm 5.88mm five.88mm
Fine one.68mm 1.68mm 1.68mm
Desk Swivel (taper eighteen/100) 5 degree 5 degree 5 degree
Table Swivel for every grad of scale (taper 1:50) 10′ 10′ 10′
General capacity of motors nine.82kw 9.82kw 11.12kw
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 4166x2037x1584 4166x2037x1584 4900x2037x1584
Weight Approx. 6000kg Approx. 6200kg Approx. 7000kg


Functioning Precision
Ovality Cylindricity Roughness
≤0.01mm ≤0.01mm Ra .32


Principal Components
Jaw chucks 2sets
Wheel dresser 1set
Wheel balancing arbor(Φ80) one set
Leveling wedge 11set
Wheel adaptor 1set
Driving puppy 1set
Vertical aligning stand 1set
Horizontal aligning stand 1set


Optional Add-ons (at added value)
Wheel Balancing stand HJX-eighty five-04 1set
Conclude dresser 1set
Measuring unit of hanging 1set
Electronic display unit (wheelhead motion) one set
Centering unit 1 set


Automobile Engine Crankshaft Grinding Machine Price  Crankshaft Grinder Machine