China Cement Vertical Chain Grain Bucket Elevator

China Cement Vertical Chain Grain Bucket Elevator

China Cement Vertical Chain Grain Bucket CZPT

    Our bucket elevator will come in seven types, which includes TD100, TD160, TD250, TD315, TD400, TD500 and TD630. The elevating capacity is from 4m3/h to 238m3/h. The total height is between 4m and 40m. This piece of conveying equipment can be produced and installed in distinct methods according to your application scenarios and unique specifications.

    The bucket elevator, as material conveying solution, is composed of content conveying system (buckets and conveying rubber belt), upper segment with transmission drum, lower section with stretching drum, housing at the medium section, travel mechanism, non-return brake equipment.
Specification Sheet

Product TD-100 TD160 TD250 TD315 TD400 TD500 TD630
Bucket Q H Q H Zd Sd Q G Zd Sd Q H Zd Sd Q H Zd Sd Q H Zd Sd Q H Zd Sd
four 7.six nine 16 sixteen 27 twenty 36 38 fifty nine 28 50 forty two 67 forty seventy six 68 110 sixty three 116 96 154 ~ 142 148 238
Bucket quantity
.fifteen .three .49 .nine 1.two one.nine 1.12 2.24 three. 4.6 1.95 3.fifty five 3.75 5.eight 3.1 5.6 5.nine 9.4 four.84 9. 9.3 fourteen.nine ~ 14 fourteen.six 23.5
one.four 1.four one.six one.six 1.8 1.8 two.
Price velocity
67 sixty seven sixty one 61 fifty five fifty five 48
Bucket size t two hundred 350/280 450/360 500/400 560/480 625/500 710
b 100 one hundred sixty 250 315 four hundred 500 630


one. This quality bucket elevator can rapidly discharge material by centrifugal pressure.

two. Rubber conveying belt is adopted as the traction part. The belt is not ideal for conveying big sized resources with substantial abrasiveness and resources with higher digging resistance.

three. The components need to be beneath 60°C. If you choose a heatproof belt, the optimum content permitted could attain 200°C.

four. Comparing with D type bucket elevator, our item characteristics high conveying efficiency and more bucket types.



    This bucket elevating method is developed for vertically elevating free powdery, granular, and little blocky resources (Density is smaller sized than one.5T/M3) with no or reasonable abrasiveness, such as coal, sand, coke breeze, cement, broken ore, and so on.

 Deal & Certificate

Outer packing is plywood scenario, conform to the global requirements.
Interior packing is Humidity-evidence and water-evidence membrane.
All of package deal are wrapped by .5mm steel belt to even more bolster.
two sets/20GP.  5 sets/40GP.
THE FUMIGATION/DISINFECTION Certificate, PHYTOSANITARY Certificate to Russia could be supported.
PACKING DECLARATION to Australia could be presented.
CIQ to Egypt and Ethiopia could be presented.

Essential inquiry data

You should supply the comply with data for a ideal machine:
1. Remember to tips your utilization.
two. Please guidance the ability you call for. 
three. You should suggestions the peak you need (from outlet to ground).
four. Remember to tips the voltage you use.
5. Which content you prefer to? Stainless steel or carbon metal?
six. Other special necessity. 

We assure, all of your data (Tel, e-mail, etc.) will be not released CZPT authorization. 

China Cement Vertical Chain Grain Bucket Elevator