Condenser Cooling Containerized Ice Machine System with User Friendly Solution

Condenser Cooling Containerized Ice Machine System with User Friendly Solution

ICESTA Concrete Cooling Techniques Ice Plant

Concrete cooling systems:

Flake ice equipment
Ice equipment contact screens
Ice Rake hoist assembly
Discharge screw ice conveyor and pneumatic delivering method
Ice weighing technique
Automatic ice storage bin

Major functions of Flake Ice:
Minimal temp. (-8C) Dry and sanitary
Massive speak to location Excellent mobility

Sector Applications
Temp. Reduction of Mine
Concrete design task
Flake ice marketing

Product details:
Prime-High quality Ice Producing Evaporator (Drum)
*Unique Rigid ICESTA top quality manage method (ERP Method controlled)
*Sensitive welding technics with X-RAY. / By no means leak
*SS 304 (stainless steel) Ice generating drum (generator)
*All the materials meet up with the HACCP request.
*Stainless steel cutters.
*Power-productive & substantial-sufficiency for ice generation

BITZER Refrigeration Program
*Exceptional Security and dependability, extended use daily life.

PATENTED H-M Handle Program

Ice equipment contact screen:
Patented ICESTA ice equipment management technique presents operators the subsequent activities:

Vivid photos for effortless operation
Wise exhibiting for easy diagnoising
In depth directions for straightforward touble-shooting
Xihu (West Lake) parameter environment for hassle-free program slight adjustment
CZPT and substantial definition monitor for effortless observation
Ice storing and offering program
CZPT ICESTA ice storing and providing manage system shops, delivers and hundreds ice all automatically:

Infrared sensor detects ice level inside ice storing bin and automates ice raker technique
Sick detectors assist change ice providing speed and avoid ice jamming
Omron restrict switches support automate ice loading and providing
Sensible exhibiting of failure documents presents guidelines as to how to troubleshoot and reset the current failure.

Rake CZPT assembly
ICESTA rake hoist system is composed by reducer with keep track of, chain wheels, chains, bearings, steel rope wheels, supporting mechanism. The chains are pushed by the chain wheels that are moved by the reducer with keep track of, and the shifting chains will in the flip shift the steel rope wheels, with whose friction, the steel ropes are to move the ice rake mechanism up and down.

Benefits of ICETA patented ice rake assembly:

The layout is the 1st sort ever located in the market place
The layout simplifies the rake and hoist assembly and provides down the fabrication expense
The style lowers probabilities of upkeep by using fewer chains and chain wheels
The style is much more compact and saves room which is employed for ice storing
The design has integrated a well balanced steel rope framework, which can make the rake assembly move much more efficiently and stably
Supplies for this assembly can be stainless steel or galvanized steel for distinct industries.

Discharge screw conveyor

Single discharge screw is utilized for smaller amount of ice discharge for smaller sized ice storing bin.
Twin discharge screws are utilised for greater quantity of ice discharge for greater ice storing bin.

Pneumatic providing system
A pneumatic delivering method is normally used for extended length ice conveying and is normally composed by the subsequent factors:

Metering screw conveyor with lump breaker and drive assembly
Blower unit with monitor
Air chiller with condensing unit
Conveying valve
CZPTal handle panel
Diverter valves
Line couplings, conveying lines, elbows(all transported loose fir subject set up)
Cyclone receiver

Ice weighing program

An smart and correct ice weighing technique is crucial for correct ice dosing. ICESTA is employing world renowned scale which is the key component for this ice weighing system. An ice weighing program typically contains of the adhering to:
one. Scale two. Ice weighing (Pneumatic hopper or buffer tank) three. Analogue-to-digital data decoder

Everyday Output(T/day) twenty thirty 40 50 60 eighty
Cooling potential(KW) 118 two hundred 236 320 345 472
Container type twenty forty 40 40 forty 40
L 6100 12200 12200 12200 12200 12200
W 2440 2440 2440 2440 2440 2440
H 2590 2590 2590 2590 2590 2590


Condenser Cooling Containerized Ice Machine System with User Friendly Solution