Hot Sales Crankshaft Grinding Machine MQ8260A MQ8260C MQ8260

Hot Sales Crankshaft Grinding Machine MQ8260A MQ8260C MQ8260

Crankshaft grinding equipment MQ8260
The crankshaft grinder model MQ8260C is modified on the foundation of the Product MQ8260A and intended for use in the vehicles tractors diesel motor performs and their mend ships to grind the journals and crankpins of crankshafts.
one. 3 different operate speeds are available by generating use of the belts in the work head. The protect can be opened so that the belts can be altered conveniently.
two. Cross swallow-tailed chucks are selectively utilized in the headstock and tailstock
three. Friction coupling is employed in the headstock transmission chain for its straightforward adjustment
4. Single layer desk, with an indirect angle of ten diploma, longitudinal traverse can be operated possibly by hand or by power.
five. Wheel head rapid technique and withdrawal effeced by hydraulic signifies can be digitally displayed at a resolution of .005mm
6. The wheel spindle getting of 80mm in diameter has good rigidity and strength
7. The roller methods are for wheel head motion
eight. The mattress techniques and wheel head methods are lubricated in an automated cycle by implies of the oil pump. CZPT coat is adhered to the mattress way.

Model MQ8260A MQ8260AX18 MQ8260AX20 MQ8260C MQ8260CX18
Max. Work swing diameter × Max function duration 580×1600mm 580×1800mm 580×2000mm 600×1600mm 600×1800mm
Max. Swing above table 580mm 580mm 580mm 600mm 600
Work diameter ground with continual relaxation thirty~100mm thirty~100mm fifty~120mm 30~100mm thirty~110
Throw of crankshaft        110mm        110mm        120mm        110mm one hundred ten
Max. perform length floor  
In 3-jaw chuck 1400mm 1600mm 1800mm 1400mm 1600
Between centers 1600mm 1800mm 2000mm 1600mm 1800
Max. function bodyweight 120kg 120kg 150kg 120kg a hundred and twenty
Function head  
Heart top 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm three hundred
Perform velocity twenty five,forty five,95r/min twenty five,45,95r/min 30,forty five,sixty five,100r/min 25,45,95r/min 25,45,95r/min
Wheel head  
Max. Cross motion 185mm 185mm 185mm 185mm(85mm Opted) 185mm(85mm Opted)
Wheel head speedy technique and withdrawal 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm(200mm Opted) 200mm
Wheel feed for every turnoff cross fed hand wheel 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm
 Per grad. of cross feed hand wheel .005mm .005mm .005mm .005mm .005mm
Grinding wheel  
Wheel spindle velocity (2steps) 740.890r/min 740.890r/min 740.890r/min 740.890r/min 740.890r/min
Wheel peripheral speed twenty five.6-35m/sec 25.6-35m/sec 25.six-35m/sec twenty five.six-35m/sec 25.6-35m/sec
Wheel size (O. D .× width ×Bore) Φ900×32×Φ305mm Φ900×32×Φ305mm Φ900×32×Φ305mm Φ900×32×Φ305mm Φ900×32×Φ305mm
Desk traverse for every flip of hand wheel coarse 5.88mm five.88mm five.88mm five.88mm 5.88mm
Fantastic one.68mm 1.68mm 1.68mm 1.68mm 1.68mm
Desk Swivel (taper 18/one hundred)    
Desk Swivel for each grad of scale (taper 1:50) 10′ 10′ 10′    
Overall capacity of motors 9.82kw 9.82kw eleven.12kw 9.82kw nine.82kw
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 4166×2037×1584 4166×2037×1584 4900×2037×1584 4166×2037×1584 4166×2037×1584
Excess weight Approx. 6000kg Approx. 6000kg Approx. 6000kg Approx . 6000kg Approx . 6000kg


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Hot Sales Crankshaft Grinding Machine MQ8260A MQ8260C MQ8260