K Arch Span Arc Roof Roll Forming Machine

K Arch Span Arc Roof Roll Forming Machine

K Arch Span Arc Roof Roll Forming Device
Technologies of composition of machine

one: 5T guide decoiler
Dimensions: 1700mm*1000mm*800mm
Width of feeding: 1250mm
Capability: 5 Ton
Inter diameter: 480-570mm
Mode of broaden &fight: inner expand &struggle by handbook
Way of feeding: guide

2: Feedingroll forming submit reducing
Adjustable heart of the forming rollers and adequate size to prevent lateral movement of the strip on its entry to flattener.
Feeding sort: adjustable
Feeding width range:914mm
Entrance and guide roller: diameter is 65mm, substance is SAE1045, surface area with chrome
Forming Part
Material of the profile: GI or carbon steel, yeild toughness:195-235Mpa
Thickness selection: .eight-1.2mm
Principal motor electrical power:7.5kw, AC motor, motor within of primary machine (Manufacturer: Guomao of China)
Equipment Voltage, Frequency, Period: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
Roll station: about seventeen stations (in accordance the last design and style)
Roller material:ASTM1045 chrome plated surface area, CNC,
Shaft diameter: 80mm content: SAE1045 with quenching and tempering
Equipment roll forming speed: not much less than 15m/min
Transmission: by chain, one.5 inch, single line
Roll former has leveling bolts in the base for modify the leveling
Machine base frame undertake H beam welding metal
In the principal roll forming device have 2 buttons for urgency stop if take place any malfunction.
Device undertake metallic wall as station
To avoid accidents, all of travel component undertake shield include
Submit chopping technique
profile transversal chopping system units allowing to reduce the bent profile CZPT detrimental the metal coating and to assure a clean lower
Chopping after forming: Reduce the sheet following roll forming to essential duration
Utilizes two hydraulic cylinders for procedure shall include a flow regulator to obtain a uniform reducing knife.
Substance of blade: Cr12, fifty eight-62 HRC hardness
Slicing electricity by hydraulic:4KW
Operating strain: 12Mpa adjustable
Size measuring: Computerized encoder size measuring, brand name: Omron
The reducing sequence is also contained and managed by the very same PLC program
Tolerance of size: +/- one.5mm for every single piece conclude merchandise

three: Arching equipment
Suited content: .8-1.2mm colour steel coil
Thickness: .8mm    min semi diameter of radian: 16mm
Thickness: one.0mm    min semi diameter of radian: 12mm
Thickness: 1.2mm    min semi diameter of radian: 11mm
Speed of radian: 10m/min
Roll station of radian: two stations
Main electrical power: eight.5KW
Doing work type: standing, curving
Manage technique: undertake transducer, Japan Brand name

four: CZPT Seaming Device:
Primary energy: .75kw

five: Guide out table:
Jointed by 60mm*40mm tube
Size: one.0m long*.8mwide*.six-1mhigh
One particular out desk with two help rollers

6: CZPT station
CZPT power: 4kw
Functioning pressure: 12Mpa adjustable
Solenoid valve: one group
CZPT oil: 46# hydraulic oil


K Arch Span Arc Roof Roll Forming Machine