Ltmg Larger Loader 40 Ton Forklift Wheel Loader

Ltmg Larger Loader 40 Ton Forklift Wheel Loader

CZPT greater loader 40 ton forklift wheel loader

The specification of 40 Ton China Forklift Entrance Loader

Model LT 40T
Working weight  39,600kg
Engine product WD12G336E211
Rated motor electrical power 247KW
Rated rotate speed 2200r/nin
Max.torque 1350N.m
Max traction ≥191KN
Max.dumping top 3300mm
Rated load 40T
Driving speed  
Ahead/Reverse 1 -6.5km/h
Forward/Reverse 2 -9km/h
Forward/Reverse 3 -twenty.5km/h
Forward/Reverse 4 -36.5km/h
Grade capacity ≤25°
Turning angle 35°±1°
Total duration 10180mm
Total width 3450mm
General top 3900mm
Wheel foundation 4200mm
Monitor foundation 3200mm
dimension of fork 1600*mm350*mm135mm
Cycling time 19.7s
Tire kind 29.5-29

Transport & Package deal


Solution Characteristics

1.Exclusive patent:

6 proprietary systems are utilized in our loaders make them more fuel-effective and basic safety,
these kinds of as Automobile Cooling Technology on brake program enhance the protection.
And the dust-evidence layer make the axle much more tough.

2.Specifics in construction: 

Even bigger hinge pin and hinge bearing elevate the carrying potential, machine far more potent.
The exceptional dust-proof layer and sealed articulated points make the loader a lot more durable. 

3.Novel appearance and humanized style:
Cabin with wide view.
One (double)-handle pilot control technique, digital manage gearshift to make certain easy operation and a lot more comfy.

four.CZPT programs:
To undertake confluence of double pumps and equivalents unloading hydraulic systems, rational use of motor energy, minimize power intake efficiently.
Independent transmission oil and hydraulic oil cooling increase the hydraulic technique stability.

five.Optional attachment:
Floating forks, tire chain, log grapple, block fork, snow blade, grass fork, enlarged bucket and tooth and so forth.

After sales services

CZPT always deal with right after-sale services important as the identical as merchandise top quality.
CZPT grants our clientele a twelve-month-period of time or 2000-hours warranty for any device obtained from us.
CZPT can also assist clients coordinate with qualified services staff to provide you in depth and in depth knowledge about your particular machine. With our technological advises, your equipment support lifestyle can be considerably extended and sustained with higher ability




Ltmg Larger Loader 40 Ton Forklift Wheel Loader