Middle Speed Two Color Printer Sloter Die Cut Vibration Stacker

Middle Speed Two Color Printer Sloter Die Cut Vibration Stacker

Wyazs title Unit 1224
Max paper protection region Mm 1200×2500
Efficient printing area Mm 1200×2400
Min complete dimensions Mm 350×750
Printing plate thickness mm six.
Machinable cardboard thickness layer 2-12
Max speed Pcs/min 120
Economic system speed Pcs/min a hundred
Frequency conversion electricity of primary motor Kw 7.five-22
Bodyweight kg 9000

Functions AND Traits

  • Complete machine wall board and other crucial items are all made by large precision process center
  • All transmission axle and roller are made of higher top quality steel with large precision dynamic equilibrium ,plated with rigid chrome and grinded floor
  • The transmission equipment undertake international standard forty five# steel, which is grinded soon after warmth-treatment method ,hardness HRC45-fifty two,right after lengthy use ,it nevertheless maintains the substantial topping precision
  • Total machine main structure portion utilizing capt-lock union link, eliminated the website link interval ,adapt to the long time period higher-pace printing
  • Equipment undertake the spray lubrication fashion ,and have the oil self-harmony system
  • Automatic return zero and automobile reset

Pc Control Element

  • Entire equipment electrical products undertake popular model, phase control large nixie tube screen
  • Purpose FO PAPER FEEDING Unit

one.The light alloy aluminum direct edge vacuum adsorption paper
two.Elastic rubber feeding ,not damage the corrugated Toughness
3.The choices of consecutive and interval feeding ,infrared ray photoelectricity counter ,electrically separation and pneumatic locking
4.the brush take away dust unit ( up adsorb) ,stay away from dust on area of paperboard.

Function OF PIRNTING Unit

  • High precision dynamic harmony anilox, wonderful printing influence 180,200,220 products by select
  • The print section 360ºC adjustment, print roller can be adjusted horizontally ranging from±10mm

The interval of transmission roller ,paper press roller ,and rubber roller and anilox roller adopt the self-lock construction.
Brush plate reset ,and ink thoroughly clean mechanism
Print roller adopt options glue plate or handing plate ,has fast handing plate mechanism

slotter device

  1. the slotter knife thickness 7mm, manufactured by substantial alloy , tooth profile slicing sharp , the abration resistance high
  2. the slotter knife phasing crganization , the overtone structure , the frequency changer controls the brake , static 360 degree adjustment .
  3. the slotter knife change by electrical , the adjustment is rapid and accurated.
  4. regards the consumer to need to have to be feasible to match the punch insiaiment
  5. slotter deepartment canada supposes the prccop pression to roll close to , sharpens the cardboard resistand to compression potential
  6. the line ball lower the angle change spot addition compressing wheel disk , certain the mouth paper box sticks the area to compress

Die cutter device

  1. Die reduce unit roller undertake substantial top quality steel ,plated with rigid chrome
  2. substantial precision dynamic harmony , boost machine running steady
  3. mould roller and glue roller can car separate by cylinder bias unit when the machine don`t die minimize 4.auto up and down unit foundation feeding system , the mould roller will up when feeding paper . the mould roller

Vibrate unit

1. The machine have move floor rail for all  machine , it can Separate or merge from front machine quick
two. The machine can adopt  Frequency conversion control , two motor control speed . the effect will better .
three.The vibration have single vibration and double vibration , based on the cardboard size , choice the speed .
four.Main motor Power : 3.7KW .
The machine transfer side , the power is .37kw
Measurement 3000*2200*1300mm , Weight  1600KG

one) The paper can then manually modify routinely.
two) splicing pace and feed pace is synchronization, then the paper velocity can    be altered independently
3) The stack height of 1600 mm
4) bed units lifting strength chain drive.
five) The splicing platform equipped with anti-slide system to guarantee operator basic safety.
6) just take action paper hanging stress plates stacked in cardboard to a certain height, then raise up out of cardboard board instantly.
seven) plane wrinkle belt, to avert the cardboard down.
eight) obtained a independent paper to alter the belt rigidity arm, CZPT the belt duration restrict.

Middle Speed Two Color Printer Sloter Die Cut Vibration Stacker