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Product Description

PA66 (nylon) material cable CZPT protective chain cable drag chain for 3D printer
Product Description 
We are a manufacturer of high quality plastic zippers in ZheJiang , CZPT . 
Other Details
Drag chains are simple guides that are used to encompass (protective) different types of hoses and cables
A drag chain helps to minimize the wear and tear on the hose or cable it protects, while also helping to ease the degree of the tangle that can sometimes occur with extended lengths of hose. As such, the chain can also be seen as a safety device

 Model        Inner           Dimension   OutsideDimension   CZPT ding Radius Non-support length               Type
 55*50     55*50 mm       77*80mm 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250,                3.5 m   Both lid can be opened

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What are your strengths? 
We perfected every detail. 
We only provide high quality closed cable towing chain, and a professional team of more than one person will serve you sincerely at any time. 
All your questions will be very effective. 
Are you a manufacturer or a dealer? 
We are a manufacturer and a trading company, so we can guarantee that we can also help you buy other products with CZPT excellent trading ability. 
Can you send us samples for testing? 
Yes, a small number of samples will be free of charge, but freight should be paid in CZPT or charged. 
The quality of the product you will buy will be the same as that of the sample. 
What are your terms of payment? 
Letter of credit at sight. 
We can also provide any CZPT ern CZPT Paypat if it is convenient for you. 
What’s the delivery time? 
Goods in stock within 3-7 days, CZPT products within 10-25 days after receipt of CZPT payment or relevant letter of credit. 
How did you wrap it? 
The cable chain will be packed in wooden cases. 
If necessary, you can package the products according to your requirements.