Single Polymer Sprocket Tapered Sleeve Roller for Box, Sacks, Tray, etc.

Single Polymer Sprocket Tapered Sleeve Roller for Box, Sacks, Tray, etc.


Merchandise Functions:

1. Primarily based on the 2224 Series, lined with grey polypropylene taper sleeve abrasion resistant, minimal sounds, shockproof.

2. Using the polyamide sprocket roller as the generate element reduces the running noise.

three. The bearing stop cap consists of a precision ball bearing, a polymer housing and stop cap seal. Mixed they give an desirable, smooth and quite running roller.

4. The design and style of the finish cap guards the bearings by supplying excellent resistance to dust and splashed h2o.

5. To stay away from abrasion in between the sprocket and chain, the angle between tapered rollers need to not exceed 5°.

six. The bodyweight of solitary things to be conveyed must not exceed 50kg.

7. Temperature selection: -5ºC ~ 40ºC.

This collection are ideal for middle duty conveying. Positive aspects: Primarily based on the B212/B213series design and style, covered with polypropylene(PP)tapered sleeve, abrasion resistance, minimal sounds, shockproof, not affected by modify of temperature and local weather. As sprocket created of Polyamide(popularly named Polymer Sprocket)as the driving element, the managing sound is significantly lowed down in contrast with steel sprocket. Precision ball bearing polymer bearing housing, finish cap sort the bearing device whlch is very crucial, it is not only for very good looking but also more much more for the smooth and peaceful operating. The covering of the stop of rolIer, nicely dust proof and drinking water splash evidence in procedure surroundings. Negatives:lead to the content is polymer,it can’ t be utilised in the substantial temperature atmosphere.


About RUIDA:

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Single Polymer Sprocket Tapered Sleeve Roller for Box, Sacks, Tray, etc.