Three Phase Wound Rotor Ball Mill Motor

Three Phase Wound Rotor Ball Mill Motor

Ball mill motor

Y&comma YR 280-355&lparIP23&rpar sequence tiny sized lower voltage high power a few-phase induction motor is the most recent created series motor&time period It has nice look&comma distinctive mode&comma some of its technological financial system indexes have reached the global foremost amount&period of time The goods have been made in a massive volume and exported to a lot more than 20 counties and regions&comma even all over the countries&comma they have obtained the very good appraisal form the consumers&period
This series goods undertake the higher quality components&comma excellent production pocess&comma have the charcteristics of large performance and enegy-saving&comma little vibration&comma reliable operating and hassle-free for mounting and routine maintenance and many others&comma
The power grade&comma electrical propety&comma mounting dimentions and tolerance are coincident with natinal standad GB755 Rotating electrical motor ranking and propety&comma global electrical Committee standard IEC 34-one Rotating CZPT Motor Rating and Home&comma and equipment market specifications JB 5272-ninety one&period JB 5269-ninety one and so on&period of time
The out cover protections of this collection of motor is IP55 in accordance with the regular of GB 4942&period1 and IEC 34-five enclosure safety amounts of Rotating CZPTal Machine&period
The cooling approach is IC01 in accodance with the normal of GB&solT1 993-ninety three and IEC 34-6 cooling methods of Rotating CZPTal Device&interval
The construction and set up method of this sequence of motor is IMB3&lparhorizontal with footing&comma finish shield CZPT flange&rpar&period of time IMV1&lparshaft extension downwards and decrease end protect with flange&rpar&comma and complies with the requirements of GB997 and IEC 34-seven motor structure and mounting cope variety&period of time
This sample desk lists the technological information and istallation dimensions of 380v quality collection motor&comma and might derive the 440v and 660v quality motors in all measurements&time period
YR winding horizontal motor Software Ranges

This collection of motor may possibly be utilized for driving all varieties of general machines this sort of as the compressor&comma air flow enthusiast&comma h2o pump&comma inventory-removing machine&comma transportation equipment and other mechanical gear&comma and are utilized as the key mover in all industrial and mining enterprises such as the mine&comma machinery&comma petrochemical industy and energy plant and so on&comma if the users location an purchase for the motors that ae utilised to generate the machines with large rotary intertia such as the blower&comma coal grinder&comma rolling machine&comma crushe&comma belt machine&comma etc&comma they shall provide us with relevant complex information&comma sigh the specialized arrangement with us as the foundation for specific style of motor to ensure the reliable operation for motors&time period
The YR&lparIP23&rpar sequence electrical motor is capable of providing fairly huge locked rotor torque beneath comparatively little locked rotor recent&comma and regulating pace within boundaries&comma it utilize to the subsequent situations extensively&colon 1 the massive locked rotor torque is necessary than squirrel cage type motors&semi two&colon The potential of transmitting line is inadequate to start squirrel cage kind electric powered motor&semi three&colon Extended commencing time and repeated beginning&semi 4&colon The pace regulation is essential inside modest range&semi five&colon Synchronous rotation with electrical Axis&comma fashioned by unity&period of time These kinds of as&colon Compressor&comma presser&comma winch&comma bedrench&comma conveyor&comma printing device and so forth&interval


1&rpar sea stage is not in excess of 1000m
&lpar2&rpar the greatest ambient temperature is not more than forty ° C&comma the least expensive ambient temperature is -15° C
&lpar3&rpar In moist month&comma the regular monthly overage highest relative humidity is 90&percnt&comma at the identical time&comma the month to month overage cheapest temperature is not above 25 ° C
&lpar4&rpar The frequency of energy resource is 50HZ &pm 1&percnt
&lpar5&rpar The vaiation fo perform voltage is not above rated voltage &pm five&percnt
&lpar6&rpar Moto score is continuos procedure technique S1&period of time

Ordering Informations
1&periodPlease point out the motor type&commarated output&commarated voltage&commarated frequency&commasynchronous pace&commaExplosion evidence Mark&commamounting sort&commarotation path&lparview from the shaft extension facet&rparUse of the surroundings&lparindoor or outside&rparIf the user havn’t position out the rotation and atmosphere&commanormailly we feel is CW roration and employed indoor&time period
2&periodwhen consumer have specific requirments&commaFor illustration&colonDispose the stator&commabearing explosion evidence and bearing temperature sensors&commaspace heater&commaPlateau use&commaspecical frequency&commamounting measurement change&commaspecial output&commathe user have to &commaorder can be affirm following signing the specialized agreement with engneering section &period of time
three&periodThe catalogue is only for reference&commaand there may possibly be variants&period
4&periodThis selection of motor can also be made into Variable-Frequency motors&commathe selection of frequency of which is -100HZ&commathe output and overall dimensions ought to be validate separately&time period

Three Phase Wound Rotor Ball Mill Motor