XCMG Construction Roller Road Roller Vibratory 18 Ton Xs183

XCMG Construction Roller Road Roller Vibratory 18 Ton Xs183

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CZPT building roller street roller vibratory 18 ton XS183 .

Working fat :18 ton , Distribution mass on front drum 11ton, In depth configuration *Mechanical control, * DEUTZ BF6M2012C motor 136KW * Permco hydraulic technique, Optional areas : *Weld Lug wheel , *Air conditioner CZPT XS183 is a sort of heavy responsibility self-propelled vibratory compactor. It can properly compact various soil levels and rock fill, and can be applied to the constructions of contemporary freeways, airports, embankment fill, ports, dams, railways, mines, and so forth. CZPT and durable hydraulic system The common configuration includes imported open up equipment pump and motor. The optional configuration involves closed hydraulic vibration program, imported piston pump, motor (16t, 18t). All these have a prolonged support life, providing secure start-oscillation and oscillation quit and high compacting top quality. Large productive and reputable vibratory compacting program Unique drum construction features great rigidity and depth. The bearing adopts short cylindrical bearing, featuring large rotary pace restrict and sturdy bearing ability. The left vibration chamber and right vibration chamber are symmetrical, avoiding the polarization of the drum. The vibratory bearing can be lubricated when the compactor travels, which is straightforward and practical, making sure a quite lower lubricating program failure price. Undertake the numerical handle blanking, numerical handle plate rolling, numerical control bender, and numerical management horizontal machining middle to make certain the precision of the total machining. Practical upkeep The engine cover is effortless to open, and the opening angle is big, which make the routine maintenance component obtainable. The substantial positioned air consumption prolongs the upkeep interval of the air filter.

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Running mass



Load used on front drum



Load applied on rear wheels



Compacting width



Static linear load



Vibration frequency(Reduced/Large)



Nominal amplitude(High/Lower)



Exiting force(Substantial/Low)



Travel velocity



Steering angle



Swing angle



Theoretical  agreeability



Min. turning external radius



Engine model



Engine energy



Rated rotating speed



Motor oil consumption



CZPT oil tank ability



Gasoline tank potential



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XCMG Construction Roller Road Roller Vibratory 18 Ton Xs183